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3D printer Alunar Prusa I3 - model 2017.

640,00 лв. 520,00 лв.

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520,00 лв.

Product description

3D printer kit for home assambly.

Fast (3- 4 days) and FREE shipment to Romania and Greece. 

Payment on Delivery or via PayPal.

Build it yourself but print with remarkable quality.

Full support on spare parts.

For best results dont forget to have frequent leveling of the plate.  

Color: Black. Don't foget to peel the assably parts from the cover paper.

  • Affordable and reliable.
  • Big print area 20 cmX 20 cm X 18 cm.
  • Works with CURA 3D software on MAC and PC.
  • Customizable firmware.
  • Print from USB.
  • Pring from SD Card.
  • Print head 0.3 mm.Relplaceble with 0.3mm / 0.5mm and bigger...
  • Heathed bed up to 90 C.
  • Faster pre heating process.
  • Works with PLA and ABS.
  • 1 PLA roll white for free
  • 4GB SD card with video unstructions and all required software
  • 1 USB card reader.
  • All needed tools provided.
  • 2 belt tentionor for free.
  • Very quiet.
  • A lot of free stuff to print 3d models.
  • Do your own 3d models  with Autodesk 123D.
  • Weght 11 kg.
  • Call us for support and spare parts.
  • Additional improvements:

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