Tank Robot

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Mini tank robot is a learning application development system of microcontroller based on Arduino.  It has functions such as ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, bluetooth remotecontrol. This kit contains many interesting programs. It can also be expanded with external circuit modules to have further functions. This kit is designed to help you interestingly learn Arduino.  You can learn Arduino MCU development ability while having fun.

1. Motor parameters: 6V, 150rpm/min 
2. Use L298P driver module for motor control.
3. Equipped with Ultrasonic module, can detect whether there are obstacles ahead, and the distance between the Tank robot and the obstacles to realize obstacle avoidance function.
4. Equipped with Bluetooth wireless module, can remotely control the robot after pairing with mobile phone Bluetooth.
5. Can be connected to external 7 ~ 12V power supply; with various sensor modules, it can realize various functions.